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As a product founder, I’m fascinated by the process of physically producing goods. I had the privilege of touring Weiss Watch Company’s headquarters last year and cannot believe the process it takes to actually make a watch. Setting Weiss apart from virtually everyone else is they actually make everything here in the United States. Cameron received years long training as a watchmaker and has built a facility that machines all their own parts. He and his wife are building something truly extraordinary right here in the US. Each watch receives over 80 hours of handmade love. My wife got me my first Weiss Watch last year to celebrate Mizzen+Main’s five year company anniversary that I wear it with so much pride, not just as a gift from the most important person in my life, but as a piece of remarkable craftsmanship! Say howdy to Cameron on Instagram @cameronmweiss and give Weiss a follow at @WeissWatchCompany. Get a timepiece for yourself if you want hand crafted American glory adorning your wrist!

Show Notes:

09:40 The breakthrough moment to push ahead to form Weiss

12:45 The family aspect - a unique differentiator

27:40 Two tipping points: selling out of the first batch and getting a front page feature in the LA Times

33:15 Life with no regrets


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