Mizzen+Main Email Signature Generator

Step 1: Use the form below to customize your signature.


${ fullname }

Mizzen+Main | ${ position } | ${ phone }


Step 2: Get your signature.

If you use GMail in your browser to send mail:

  1. Click on the preview window above to select it.
  2. In your browser, select Edit > Select All, or cmd/ctrl+a.
  3. Still in your browser, select Edit > Copy, or cmd/ctrl+c.
  4. In GMail, go to Settings > Signature and paste your copied signature in the window.
  5. Click "Save Changes".

If you use the Mac Mail app to send your mail:

  1. Click the "Copy HTML to Clipboard" button below to grab the HTML for your signature.
  2. Follow these instructions. It's a bit of a hack, but not hard at all. Just make sure that, when you paste your HTML, it's within a <body> tag. Ex: <body>[PASTE YOUR HTML HERE]</body>

If your email client requires raw HTML code:

If your email client requires an HTML file:

If you have trouble getting your signature to work, reach out to Boots.