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The World’s Most Comfortable Dress Shirt

Why are these shirts so comfortable AF?

They’re made out of performance fabric. Yeah. Performance fabric.

These aren’t the shiny, polyester shirts your weird uncle wore in the 1970’s. This is 22nd century level.

Our shirts breathe, stretch, and wick away moisture. They require no ironing, no dry cleaning, and are machine washable.

We are not cotton. We are better than cotton.

That’s right. No ironing. No dry cleaning.

Why did we do this?

We saw a guy on a hot day in Washington D.C., probably with aspirations to become POTUS, go into a meeting drenched in sweat.

How can you become the President going into a meeting looking like you just walked out of a pool? You can’t. You’ve got to look good, and you’ve got to feel good. Cotton blocks you from all of that.

What’s extra cool?

We’re made right here in George Washington’s America. We’re creating jobs, dreams, and unbelievable comfort.

Not to mention we give back to our American patriots through some incredibly awesome Veteran organizations.

Every time a man wears Mizzen+Main, a bald eagle gets its wings.