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We asked Gus, our Product Design Director, for a few tips on how to look sharp and stay comfortable through the season. Read on for a few style points along with recommendations on his favorite products.

Any work from home dressing tips?

Our focus has shifted and working from home seems like it’s going to be the norm for a while. That said, dressing at home should be effortless and comfortable yet neat. There are times you have to run from your desk to the front door for a delivery. Or, jump up to shut your office door to keep the keep the kids out (LOL) while on a zoom call.

Here’s what I say… a casual button-up with the sleeves rolled up, a comfy polo or a short sleeve shirt paired with stretchy shorts can carry you a long way. It’ll keep you comfortable while sitting, yet presentable when you have to get the door or run an errand. And, of course, Mizzen has all you need.

Gustomize Your Wadrobe

A few favorites this fall from Gus.