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how it works

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Step 1: Select the GiftNow button on the product page and customize the gift experience.

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Step 2: Surprise! The gift arrives digitally to your loved one via email, text, or messenger.

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Step 3: They can adjust sizing or exchange for something completely different before it ships.

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Still have questions?

Do I need to know the recipients size or shipping address?

No, the recipient gets to choose their size, fit, and style when they accept the gift. They also provide their preferred shipping address. 

How does the recipient receive my gift?

Your friend or family member will receive an email notifying them of the gift. They will follow a link from the email to our website, where their gift is revealed. From here they can easily customize, accept, and/or exchange. 

Can I schedule my gift to arrive on a specific date?

Yes, you can choose the date the email is sent. While filling in the recipients information you will have the opportunity to select if you would like the gift delivered right away or at a later date. 

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