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A fabric that performs as well as you do


Lightweight, crisp moisture wicking fabric keeps you cool and comfortable. The best choice for any business occasion.

"Leeward is more durable and better for work and social."

-John B.


Unique, soft knit fabric with unparalleled stretch, that retains form and fit. Feel confident in any casual setting.

"This is my first Spinnaker shirt and it is amazing. Unbelievable stretch and incredibly lightweight. It barely feels like the shirt is there."

-James K.


Offers a variety of refined weaves with a rich and soft touch. Heavier fabric that doesn't compromise our core performance attributes. Look your best in any setting.

"This shirt is great! I own several Leeward collection shirts. I've tried on the Spinnaker collection a few times but haven't bought one. This is like a mix of the two. More structured than the Spinnaker and softer than Leeward.  I wore it in 90 degree weather today and it was quite comfortable. I'll certainly get more of these."

-Gavin C.

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