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Adaptive Training Foundation

Mizzen+Main is proud to sponsor the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) and its efforts to provide rehabilitating, adaptive performance training to veterans and individuals who have suffered life-altering injuries.

The Adaptive Training Foundation was founded by former NFL player David Vobora in 2014 after he had an impactful experience training Staff Sergeant Travis Mills of the US Army.  Ever since then,  ATF has passionately worked to bridge the gap between functional rehabilitation and adapted sport.

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Each year, the Adaptive Training Foundation welcomes 4 different classes of adaptive athletes to participate in a 9 week course developed to restore lives and empower individuals.

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Mizzen+Main has always had a passion to support veterans. Four times a year, we proudly sponsor one athlete through the Adaptive Training Foundation Redefine program. We have a representative of our team on site at the ATF training facilities twice per week throughout the program, providing support to both the athletes and instructors.


"Through ATF’s programs, athletes are brought into a community that envelopes courage, hope, and the attitude to never settle despite what life has thrown their way. I’m proud to be a small part of ATF’s mission to impact lives."

- Tim W., Mizzen+Main Marketing Associate

Meet Donovan, Mizzen+Main’s sponsored athlete from ATF’s 17th adaptive athlete class.


Donovan served in the Army from 2012-2017, doing two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Once back in the states, Donovan lost his leg due to trauma sustained from a motorcycle accident in 2017. In the past two years, Donovan has made remarkable progress on his road to recovery. He has joined the Adaptive Training Foundation Redefine program with hopes of increasing lower body strength and stability. Donovan’s goal is to one day compete in a triathlon. We are looking forward to joining Donovan on his journey to biking, swimming, and running across the finish line to strength and recovery.

Everyday we become stronger together.

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