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Mizzen+Main: The Best Damn Dress Shirt

Our Name: The Main and Mizzen refer to masts on a sailboat. Much like the sails harnessing the power of the winds to propel a ship forward, Mizzen+Main uses performance technology in our clothing to move menswear into the next era . The historic element our name gives is a legacy of tradition, respect, and of course classic style.

Our Story: On a hot day in Washington D.C., our Founder, Kevin Lavelle, saw a staffer run up the hill in his sweat-soaked, wrinkled, bunched-up dress shirt and said 'No More'. So, we combined the comfort and flexibility of your favorite athletic wear with the fit and style of a custom dress shirt.

Key Benefits

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"I just started buying from you guys. So far so great. Love your shirts and love all the attention to detail. I'm excited about referring more people to you, as it benefits me too, :). Looking forward to continuing to have a great experience."

"I travel a lot for business. [...] These shirts are a must have. They breathe beautifully and fit like a custom made shirt. If you travel a lot like I do, you can roll these up and literally toss them in your luggage. When you arrive at your destination, pull them out and put them on. They are amazing. Easy care too, was them in the machine and hang dry, no ironing. [...] I've nearly replaced every button down shirt I owned for Mizzen+Main. I LOVE THEM!!!"

"I am thrilled with your products. I will never buy a cotton dress shirt again. I do not have to take them to the dry cleaners, they do not retain sweat/body odor, so I don't even have to wash every time I wear, and they dry beautifully on low without a hint of a wrinkle. I am a cheapskate by nature, but these shirts are worth EVERY penny!"


"These dress shirts not only look incredible but are so comfortable and versatile I can actually play golf in them. It's remarkable to have a dress shirt I can wear from a meeting to the course. The game has changed."

Phil Mickelson, Golf Digest

"This is such a great idea, we sort of can't believe no one thought of it before."


"The shirts are tailored and professional, looking as good as upscale brands like Brooks Brothers but feeling like Nike Dri-Fit or other quality athletic jerseys."

Wall Street Journal

Giving Back to Our Veterans

Mizzen + Main is proud to sponsor the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) and its efforts to provide rehabilitating, adaptive performance training to veterans and individuals who have suffered life-altering injuries. We proudly sponsor one athlete per ATF class. Twice per week we have a representative of our team on site at the ATF training facilities providing support to both the athletes and instructors.

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