The Best Damn Place to Work

At Mizzen+Main, we believe that what we wear to work reflects what we think of work. And we think work is fun. We think it’s a place of joy and collaboration and discipline and laughter and profit and loss and everything in between all of those things.

So we make clothes that make us comfortable. We make clothes that let us breathe and stretch and move and think. We make clothes that let us work. And we have fun here. Want to join?

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What We’re About


To be every man's favorite thing to wear every single day.


We create a more comfortable way to dress that invites men into a more confident way to live, work, play, and be.

Our Core Values

We’re People Too

Whether we’re clothing them, caring for them, or working with them, people are our top priority.

We Have Commitments

We’re committed to following through. We’re committed to each other. We’re committed to you.

We Think Big

Why set goals that you know you can meet? Audacious isn’t our middle name, but it should be.

We Act as Owners

We work like Mizzen+Main belongs to every single one of us. Because honestly, it does.

We Never Settle

Good enough isn’t good enough. We seek to surpass our own expectations every single day.

Employee Benefits

Flexible Vacation

We encourage every team to take time off so they can come back refreshed.

Continued Learning

Team workshops and book clubs always keep us learning and growing together.

Collaborative Workspace

Our open office is exactly what the name says—open.

Quarterly Team Outings

This is where we turn work friends into real friends.

Healthcare Package

Competitive benefit plans make sure you and your family are well taken care of.

Culture Club

This is the team dedicated to making sure we all love what we're doing.

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