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The Wilson Collection


Our Innovative New Wilson Collection

A real game changer for both work and play.

The Pure Advantage of Silpure

Never let them see you sweat thanks to Silpure Anti-microbial Technology; a premium finish containing ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions to squash bacteria. Designed to help you stay fresh all day. 

Silver is the new gold standard. This innovative and effective technology prevents unwanted odors from developing and is durable to multiple washes. It is safe, effective, and works continuously so the fabric remains clean. Silpure also extends the life of your new favorite shirt because washing is required less frequently. Thank you, technology.

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What's More To Love?

In addition to the amazing benefits of Silpure, Wilson also includes the benefits you know and love from Mizzen+Main:

- Superior quick-dry properties

- Wrinkle-resistant

 - Ultra-soft

- Lightweight fabric

- 4-way stretch

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The Design Is in the Details

- Modern collar with concealed placket 

- Adjustable buttons for tight or loose wrist

- Lightweight, breathable fabric makeup

Soft To The Touch. Hard To Beat.