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37.5 Technology


Warmth Without The Sweat.

The newest technological advancement in performance fabrics, now available in the Grant Collection and Arden Sweater

You Deserve a Fabric that Works For You

The benefits of 37.5 Technology include:

- Helps you maintain an ideal core temperature, enabling you to perform better and longer

- Dries up to five times faster than similar fabrics

 - Made with naturally derived materials, never utilizing harsh chemicals 

- Patented particles are permanently embedded into the yarn and will never wash out or get tired.

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What's the run down?

37.5 technology works to enhance the body's natural cooling mechanism - the body produces sweat to cool it down, 37.5 technology removes it from the microclimate of your apparel. 

How does it work?

37.5 Technology has patented active particles that are embedded at the fiber level. These particles capture and release moisture vapor and add 800% more surface area to the fiber. By actively responding to body heat, the active particles use energy from the body to accelerate vapor movement and the conversion of liquid to vapor, increasing drying rates. 

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We Utilize the Best in Technology, So You Can Feel the Best in All You Do