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  1. Thomas Morstead

    Whether it’s pinning a defense with a well aimed punt, pumping iron, or providing a comfortable future for his family, Thomas Morstead gets a kick out of life.  



    But no matter what he’s striving for, it’s never simply for the sake of doing it. The SMU football legend and New Orleans Super Bowl XLIV hero sets his goals and chases after them with laser-like precision. Sure, being a professional punter in a city like New Orleans seems like a pretty sweet gig, but the special teams captain puts in the work to reap the rewards. The 6’4”, self-proclaimed gym rat rarely wears his championship hardware, despite perfectly executing a surprise onside kick coming out of halftime that would ultimately give his team the momentum needed to win. “I don’t want to be wearing a ring all the time looking at what I got when I’m trying to get another one. I try to keep it out of sight, out of mind”. He goes on to say, “I have more appreciation for how special it was to win after seeing how difficult it was to come back and win it again.” Thomas is constantly stepping his game up and doesn’t take opportunities in life for granted. That sort of perspective is something we admire.

    Like a true local, Morstead maintains a safe distance from the mayhem of Bourbon Street; however, since moving from Texas, where he spent his entire life, Thomas has fully embraced the Big Easy. “New Orleans is a great place, because the more you invest yourself in things that are going on in the community, and the more you put yourself out there, the more you fall in love with the city.” The fourth-down phenom also looks back on the Super Bowl run and understands the impact it had, not only on football fans but for the city itself. “When we won the Super Bowl, the city just kept partying. Like it never stopped and it didn't feel like it was over ’til the next year….It meant so much to the city of New Orleans, it was really fun going on that magical ride that season.”

    Like most of our athletes, Morstead didn’t always dress to impress. “I would say my wife has made me more fashionable, when we started dating in college I was wearing plain t-shirts and gym shorts everywhere”. While he’s intrinsically motivated by his subconscious drive to be the best of the best, Thomas Morstead also plays the role of model family man. “Being a great provider helps me be a great dad. Being a great dad helps me be a better husband, and the things that are important for me, they are all intertwined.  The goals and dreams that our family has are all intertwined together.” Similar to the city famous for its second lines, Thomas acknowledges life is not a one man band.

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    Photography by: Richard Ross
    Video by: JerSean Golatt
    Written by: Jordan Spencer