1. Portraits of a Patriot - Ryan Kent

    Meet our amazing COO, Ryan.

    This Veteran’s Day, we decided to honor those closest to us. Every day this week, we’ll feature one Mizzen+Main Family Veteran. First up is our very own COO, Ryan Kent, U.S. Army, Captain. Ryan served as Captain for the U.S. Army in both the 1st Cavalry Division and 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Hailing from West Point, Ryan served over five years in the Army and was commissioned as an officer in 2004. He then served in Iraq for 15 months, after which he became a part of the Army Rangers.

    “I had both rewarding and challenging opportunities overseas. It was challenging to be away from loved ones that amount of time and struggled with my purpose at times. You’re out there every day, and you think what real impact or good are you doing; how am I bettering the lives of Americans back home. So that was a challenge for me... it drove me to apply for a special operations job, because I felt in that role, I’d have a better sense of purpose. I was benefited with the opportunity to have the best training, equipment, weapons, and assets available to be able to achieve [anything]. I am very thankful.”

    We are tremendously proud to have Ryan on our team. His dedication and passion for not only Mizzen+Main but also our country are among the many traits that we admire. Check back all week for more Veteran spotlights!