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  1. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Harvard economics brainiac turned pro quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick shows you can be equal parts jock and genius.

    Jetting into professional football from Harvard has served Fitzpatrick well. At one point in college he thought he may end up on Wall Street. It turns out not pursuing a job utilizing his economics degree from one of the most well known universities in the world has certainly paid off.

    While Fitzpatrick is undoubtedly dedicated to his football career, his toughest job is at home. Raising five kids definitely has its own set of challenges. It seems that as a dad Fitzpatrick is completely grounded with his family by his side. “Having a big family, especially with the five little ones running around, it definitely helps keep me centered and just puts things into perspective for me. I could have a great game or I could have the worst game in the world, and I come home and my kids are still there smiling, calling me dad and loving me. It definitely puts things into perspective and helps me because being a quarterback is so up and down there are so many highs and lows that you go through, but having a solid core unit at home of people that love me unconditionally no matter what, that helps out a lot.”

    Being a professional football player for the past twelve seasons has granted Fitzpatrick some high profile coworkers and friends. When we asked him what it was like playing with fellow Mizzen+Main athlete, JJ Watt, Fitzpatrick said “When JJ and I were in Houston together it was sort of the beginning of his stardom, and he’s really blossomed since I’ve gone. So it's great to see him doing all of his commercials and fashion shoots. For such a burly, strong, intense defensive lineman, it’s nice to see him get pretty sometimes. I think the females really like it and, it makes him less intimidating on the field for me.” Watch out JJ, we sense some friendly competition coming your way.

    Like a lot of our other athletes, Fitzpatrick did not always dress to impress. “I’m not really a guy of much fashion, and so [Mizzen+Main] was awesome for me because they are stylish shirts but there’s not a lot of maintenance to them. I just hang them up in my closet and throw them on and the comfort is amazing. I just don’t have to do much to maintain them. I don’t have to take them in to get tailored, and somehow they make this body look good.” Hey, Fitz… we’re always here to help. Clearly, Fitzpatrick finds purpose in his life, both on the field and at home. His character and now even his style are among the many admirable qualities that make us proud to call him a #MainMan.


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    Video by: Jake Brown
    Photography & Article by: Mizzen+Main