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  1. Portraits of a Patriot - Keith Watts

    Meet the coolest Pilot we know, Keith Watts.

    Keith Watts is without a doubt the flyest guy in the room. Husband to our team member, Kayla, Keith embodies every aspect of a patriot. Keith served as a Captain and Pilot for the U.S. Marine Corps. When we asked Keith why he wanted to enlist into the Marines, he told us his dream as a little boy was to fly planes in the military.

    Keith’s aspirations certainly paid off. He made some lifelong friends and gained some awesome perspective. “Through today’s lens, it is difficult for some people to see why someone would lay their life down for their country… It’s pride, it’s knowing we’ve done a lot for this world. We’ve been strong, we’re going to be strong. I’d go right back in today if they’d let me.”Check out Keith’s video below.

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