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  1. JJ Watt

    Trading Cheese for Texas BBQ, the Wisconsinite and current professional Houston football player, JJ Watt, has tackled his dreams in becoming one of the most iconic football players in the league.

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    JJ Watt was brought up to chase his dreams, and has taken some big risks to do so.  “The power of only having a plan A and nothing else is so monumental, you can accomplish things that you never ever believed you could accomplish.” JJ’s outlook on life and success means he is constantly stepping up his game, with no regard for failure. That drive is something we here at Mizzen+Main cannot get enough of.


    JJ doesn’t want to only be remembered for his big hits, he wants to be remembered for his positive legacy. “I don't want to be remembered as just a football player.  If I end my career and the only thing people remember me for is sacks and tackles then I didn’t do my job in using my platform in the best of my ability.  I hope people remember me for some of the things I do off the field, and I hope that I can leave this game in a better place then when I came in and hopefully set an example for the next generation for them to use their platform as well.” JJ wants to give every child the opportunity to play sports, which is why he started the JJ Watt foundation.  He believes children should have the athletic opportunities he has been blessed with regardless of their financial situation.


    When JJ takes off the pads, his style is simple, casual, and comfortable. “My personal style is really broken up into two categories, athletic and dressed up. That's the beauty of what I have enjoyed with Mizzen+Main, is that those two things have come together.”  You may even find him in his rare moments of spare time on the basketball court playing in his favorite Mizzen+Main dress shirt. “If I wanted to I could play a basketball game with Mizzen+Main clothes. It would be easy to do.” Following your dreams and achieving the impossible is the JJ Watt way… also looking sharp while doing so doesn't hurt.



    Photography by: Richard Ross
    Video by: JerSean Golatt