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  1. Antoine Roussel

    Antoine Roussel is constantly driven to be the best and coolest guy on the ice. It seems like almost every shot he takes, he scores. 

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    Roussel is known for being one of the best and most physical players in professional hockey. From France, to Montreal, to Dallas, he shot for the stars and landed his dreams. Playing for Dallas for the past three years, Roussel has taken the hockey world by storm. He is a constant leader in professional hockey for penalty minutes and known for his tenacity and grit on and off the ice. When asked about his team, there is no questioning his dedication to his sport and admiration for his teammates. “I'm lucky to be on a team like [Dallas]. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. We have great players like Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Jason Spezza; name a good player, we have them. That’s why it is exciting to be [in Dallas] right now. We’re a fun team to watch. To be on a team like [Dallas], it drives your energy… you want to make sure you're at your best every night. Those guys make me better and we’re ready to kick [down] some doors.”

    We are extremely picky when choosing our athletes. They have to meet the highest standards, not only do they need to represent our brand well, but our country, too. Roussel embodies our vision perfectly and it seems the feeling is mutual. “What I like about Mizzen+Main, I had a couple of opportunities to rep a couple of companies, but for me it was really important to represent a company that is driven [to bring] everything to America. This country [has given me] so much, like with my career, with the opportunity to be great, and the fact that all the products are made in the US and they’re just great quality… I wear it every day now. It’s just so awesome. I am so proud of that.”



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