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  1. JJ Watt

    Meet our new brand ambassador. He’s kind of a big deal...

    Watt was a first round pick in the 2011 draft and is one of the fiercest players in the NFL as the Houston Texans defensive end. When he’s not tearing up the football field, he actually makes quite the gentleman. (But we’re glad we’re on his good side.)

    Our CEO, Kevin Lavelle, said it best, “J.J. is an incredible athlete who works as hard off the field as he does on. J.J. is both humble and the hardest working man in the NFL with a relentless focus on performing at the highest level of the sport. All the while, he is a family man who gives back to his community and seeks to make everyone around him better. J.J. embodies everything that we stand for as we build the next great American brand. We are proud to manufacture apparel at the intersection of advanced performance and classic style, exceeding the expectations of elite athletes like J.J. and modern men everywhere.”



    We asked JJ a few questions about why he’s hooked on our shirts:

    "Living in Houston for the past five years, it gets extremely hot and humid. So whenever I step out the front door, I start sweating. That poses a big problem when I go to an event or on a road trip and we have to wear suits. Mizzen+Main brought in these shirts that stretch, that breathe, that allow you to go outside and move around and really not have the sweat show through. As a guy who has to wear a suit every week to go play a game, it’s pretty incredible. I’ve been on them ever since and it’s been a great addition to my wardrobe."

    How did you come across Mizzen+Main?

    "I actually had a shirt sent to me by a buddy. He just said 'Hey man, you have to try this shirt, its incredible, I’ve worn it.' So I tried Mizzen+Main out, and it was so nice to step outside and not worry about if there would be sweat marks."

    And how about just shooting outside today, it’s about 100 degrees right now..

    "Yea, its about 100 degrees outside and I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeve [Mizzen+Main] shirt. But I actually feel pretty comfortable! I think its a testament to the shirts and to the wearability."

    The brand is American Made. Talk about how that aligns with your pride for this country.

    "I think the fact that the clothes are made here in America and that Mizzen+Main is proud to provide American jobs is great. And obviously being a proud American myself - its great to wear clothes that come from your home.”

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