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  1. Jason Khalipa for Mizzen+Main

    The relentless, daily grind to step up his game in the gym, at home, and in the boardroom is what makes Jason Khalipa a champion.

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    The 2008 CrossFit® Games winner and proud owner of NC Fit, a global gym chain, has spent several years pushing the limits and leading by example. Not for the sake of stealing the spotlight either — “I follow my passion, and I’m really fortunate to make a career out of it.” This is a guy who as a young man realized the power of a glass that’s always half full. He’s a champion, not only due to his competitive victories, but because of the dedication to accomplishing his goals. Sure, the victories are great, but when you love what you do, winning comes easily. Regardless of the outcome, he defines a champion as “someone who can really mentally and physically prepare themselves to go in and give it their all.” Hey Jason, we couldn’t agree more.



    Contrary to a somewhat popular belief, success as a professional athlete doesn’t save you from the same real world issues that everyone endures. It does, however, teach you how to process the situation and progress forward. Learning that his daughter had been diagnosed with Leukemia “changed [his] perspective on a lot of things.” Jason was already a dedicated and wonderful father, but, in an instant, everything changed. While his day to day was typically consumed by his roles as a professional athlete, successful businessman, and attentive coach, his focus is now all about his family and, when needed, hospital room jester. When your child has cancer, everything else seems insignificant, but he says, “it doesn’t mean I don’t still wake up with a desire to push myself.” Jason uses his positive outlook and experience in the weight room to overcome, without question, the most difficult obstacle in his life. “CrossFit has helped me mentally, physically, (and) emotionally…and I’m trying to carry that over into what’s happening in real life.” 


    As an athlete dedicated to both fitness and family, Jason understands the life changing benefits his passion possesses. Whether he's providing a post-workout spark of energy and endorphins for his daughter, or truly impacting the lifestyles of his clients from “the way they walk, the way they talk, [and] the way they carry themselves”, the CrossFit champ literally uses his powers for good. Jason credits his persistent positivity to the CrossFit community, a growing network of “humble, hardworking people that are really inspiring to be around.” 

    For a business owner, who spends a significant portion of his life in the gym and the boardroom, this breathing boulder of a man needed a wardrobe synonymous with style and comfort. He swears by our athletic fit dress shirts and chinos that fit him off the rack. “Mizzen+Main has allowed me to stay comfortable, but yet allows me to go into meetings and feel like I'm properly dressed for the occasion.” As a driven, optimistic, never settle sort of guy, who doesn't take himself too seriously, Khalipa embodies everything Mizzen+Main stands for and, as an added bonus, makes our shirts look pretty badass.


    Jason’s athlete challenge required some assistance from our Creative Director, Jennifer Reeves. Jason really proves to be someone who can lift you up...

    Written by: Jordan Spencer
    Photography by: Richard Ross
    Video by: JerSean Golatt