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  1. John Isner for Mizzen+Main

    Whoever said size doesn't matter, has never been the tallest person in the room.

    Some athletes are born with speed, some with size, others naturally intelligent or tenacious, but every professional athlete inherently possesses an innate ability to perform. They step up their game when everything is on the line. Luckily for John Isner, the majority of these character traits are intrinsically developed. The record-setting racket master recalls an unforgettable week at Wimbledon, where he won a match that lasted a daunting eleven hours. No, seriously, eleven hours. After spending three days trying to decide a single set, Isner’s mental fortitude literally kept his head in the game, mainly because his legs probably felt like mashed potatoes. He has this unrelenting will to persevere in the face of adversity, and it’s one reason why we’re such huge fans. 



    For a guy who’s taller than the average NBA player, the view from the top turned out to be pretty terrific. Originating from the heart of hoops country in North Carolina, the 6’ 10” tennis pro spurned the hardwood for a steady career on the court, grass and clay. But for this towering tennis player, confidence didn’t come easily at first. Although the literal and figurative growing pains took their toll at an early age, John has learned to embrace his stature over the last decade. “I don't try to hide it whatsoever, it's who I am, and it makes me really unique”.

    Pictured above: The Beckett

    Ever since Isner discovered Mizzen+Main, the performance fabrics have provided a permanent solution for his unique stature. “It’s the only thing I wear, I'm constantly getting compliments on it. But most importantly it fits me well, which is something I've never had an easy time doing.” Well, you know what they say John, ‘if the shirt fits’…or shoes, whatever, you get it.

    Pictured Above: The Hampton

    When he’s not returning serves, John prefers to detach from tennis as much as possible. This ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ connoisseur  lives a balanced life that features plenty of other active hobbies and sports, so no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he wants to look good and feel great. The Tampa, FL resident lives on a golf course, fishes regularly, AND travels the world playing tennis professionally—we’d say life is pret-ty, pret-ty… pret-ty good. John Isner worked hard to live comfortably, and that’s kind-a what we’re all about.

    After a long photoshoot, we challenged John to some racket juggling tricks. As the highest ranked American tennis player in the world, it’s clear his best talent is still crushing opponents on the court...


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    Written by: Jordan Spencer
    Photography: Richard Ross
    Videography: JerSean Golatt