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  1. Jake Arrieta for Mizzen+Main

    Jake Arrieta is constantly working on his game, and not just the control of his curveball.

    The Chicago pitcher and native Texan steps up to the plate on the mound and as a father at home. He’s no stranger to style, but for a guy that’s comfortable in a tee shirt and sandals, he needed a dress shirt that could keep up with an active lifestyle. A couple years ago, when Jake was first introduced to Mizzen+Main, he instantly gravitated towards the brand. “The first time I put the shirt on I knew that this was something I wanted to wear for the rest of my adult life. Something that was tailored to athletes…something that allows you to move around and be mobile”. The admiration is mutual, so we sat down with Jake to get to know the man behind the beard. Check it out...




    On his off days, Jake somehow has the energy to keep up with his son, Cooper. The four-year old aspiring protege can’t help but have an interest in baseball, and while he’s still learning that fans and autographs don’t fall directly into your mitt, Jake never misses a chance to teach his son the importance of hard work and pursuing what makes him happy. Even if, right now, that’s mainly reserved for toy trucks and mac n’ cheese.



    Fear the beard isn’t just some fun, catchy rhyme. For this bearded ball player, intimidation is the name of the game. While the the facial hair growth comes as naturally as his wind up, Jake Arrieta takes some serious pride in his face fur. “The facial hair adds that intimidation factor, and when you’re trying to strike some fear in your opponent it’s a good thing to have on your side.” Bets aside, the beard isn’t going anywhere. According to Arrieta, facial hair is a blessing, and now that his presence on the mound has been established, he believes the Chicago fanbase deserves the consistency they’ve grown accustomed to.



    The face behind the beard also offers some fresh perspective on life. His appreciation for his wife’s tenacity, especially in the face of the minor league days and years of long road trips while alone with the kids, is truly refreshing. He shows gratitude that he can share these experiences as a professional athlete with his son, Cooper, and daughter, Palmer. Like Mizzen+Main, Jake appreciates how the preparation and hard work that goes into accomplishing a goal, is often times just as important as the execution of the final product. He finds purpose in everything he does and exemplifies exactly what Mizzen+Main stands for, both on and off the field.



    Of course, we couldn’t let Jake go without having a little fun. Jake is pretty confident with his ability at the plate, but we wanted to test out his skills in a new way...



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    Photography by: Richard Ross 
    Video by: JerSean Golatt
    Copy by: Jordan Spencer