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  1. Summer Campaign Kickoff

    Professional athletes are a different breed. They’re cut from a different cloth. They thrive when the heat is on and the pressure has reached a breaking point.  These athletes need clothes that can keep up with them when the game is over and the fans have gone home. A shirt that fits their lifestyle and their frame; something that doesn’t hold them back or restrict any movement. For the professionals, the spotlight is still on even when the clock strikes zero, so, keeping their cool is as much about feeling good as it is about looking great. Confidence comes naturally to even the most humble professional athletes, which is why they prefer a brand that is synonymous with both style and comfort. For Mizzen+Main, athletic performance isn’t simply something we stand for; it serves as the sole inspiration and purpose for everything that we sell. 

    Consistently refusing to settle is what separates a professional athlete from everybody else. It’s the unyielding dedication to improving one’s craft, even in the face of adversity. At Mizzen+Main, we took this same, relentless approach while creating our performance fabrics. We constantly raise our standards to match the pace of every professional athlete, who works tirelessly to elevate their game, and our athletes appreciate that attention to detail.  This summer, Mizzen+Main wants to inspire you to ‘Step Up Your Game’ by featuring elite professional athletes, who’s passion for performance and personal growth perfectly illustrate the brand’s commitment to excellence. Whether it be on the field, at home, or in their communities, Mizzen+Main takes pride in partnering with well balanced and impactful people, who also happen to be professional athletes. 


    Copy by: Jordan Spencer