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Main Scoop

  1. Happy Veteran's Day

    We honor those who have chosen to fight for our freedom. Check out our tribute video to American Heroes featuring some of our Mizzen+Main Veteran family members and employees.

  2. Portraits of a Patriot - Justin Feagin

    Meet our Customer Service Guru, Justin Feagin.

    Justin is without a doubt a soldier. From the moment he walked into Mizzen+Main, the entire team knew he’d bring so much to the table. Justin started at Mizzen+Main through our Hire a Veteran initiative, where we seek out interns that have served in the military to help us in hopes that we can provide relevant business experience. We liked him so much, he stayed on full time.

    Justin served as a Sergeant in the U.S. Army. While serving in the Middle East, Justin encountered an IED and lost most of his left leg. Like a lot of our brave servicemen and women, Justin came home paying a great sacrifice for our freedom. When we asked why he willingly chose to serve knowing that he’d be putting his life on line in the Army’s Infantry, we got a response you’d expect from one of our American heroes; “America is the greatest country in the world. The only reason it is so great is because of our volunteer forces. The guys that are over there now, the guys that are going to go over there tomorrow… As long as we continue that, people that are going to stand up and say ‘I’ll go’, then America is going to be the greatest country in the world. That is why I did it.”

    Come back tomorrow for a special video dedicated to all our Veterans.


  3. Portraits of a Patriot - Keith Watts

    Meet the coolest Pilot we know, Keith Watts.

    Keith Watts is without a doubt the flyest guy in the room. Husband to our team member, Kayla, Keith embodies every aspect of a patriot. Keith served as a Captain and Pilot for the U.S. Marine Corps. When we asked Keith why he wanted to enlist into the Marines, he told us his dream as a little boy was to fly planes in the military.

    Keith’s aspirations certainly paid off. He made some lifelong friends and gained some awesome perspective. “Through today’s lens, it is difficult for some people to see why someone would lay their life down for their country… It’s pride, it’s knowing we’ve done a lot for this world. We’ve been strong, we’re going to be strong. I’d go right back in today if they’d let me.”Check out Keith’s video below.

    Check back tomorrow for a Mizzen+Main team member Veteran spotlight!


  4. Portraits of a Patriot - Jack Hill

    Meet our new favorite grandpa, Jack Hill.

    Mizzen+Main team member, Jaclyn, nominated her grandfather to be one of our featured Veterans, and we’re so glad she did. Jack (Jaclyn was named after him) served as a Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. We heard story after story about the camaraderie in his unit and the pride he now has, that one can only get by serving something bigger than himself.

    It was evident that Jack has a deep rooted love for America. “We’ve got the best country in the world. It’s our freedom that sets us apart from all the other countries in the world. I just think it’s a wonderful country and you ought to appreciate the fact that you live [here] and we have the freedom that we have… you choose what you want and you have the opportunity to do it, and you can acheive a lot of happiness. I think going into the military is a good thing for people to do.”

    Check out his video below and come back tomorrow for another Veteran spotlight!

  5. Portraits of a Patriot - Ryan Kent

    Meet our amazing COO, Ryan.

    This Veteran’s Day, we decided to honor those closest to us. Every day this week, we’ll feature one Mizzen+Main Family Veteran. First up is our very own COO, Ryan Kent, U.S. Army, Captain. Ryan served as Captain for the U.S. Army in both the 1st Cavalry Division and 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Hailing from West Point, Ryan served over five years in the Army and was commissioned as an officer in 2004. He then served in Iraq for 15 months, after which he became a part of the Army Rangers.

    “I had both rewarding and challenging opportunities overseas. It was challenging to be away from loved ones that amount of time and struggled with my purpose at times. You’re out there every day, and you think what real impact or good are you doing; how am I bettering the lives of Americans back home. So that was a challenge for me... it drove me to apply for a special operations job, because I felt in that role, I’d have a better sense of purpose. I was benefited with the opportunity to have the best training, equipment, weapons, and assets available to be able to achieve [anything]. I am very thankful.”

    We are tremendously proud to have Ryan on our team. His dedication and passion for not only Mizzen+Main but also our country are among the many traits that we admire. Check back all week for more Veteran spotlights!

  6. Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Harvard economics brainiac turned pro quarterback. Ryan Fitzpatrick shows you can be equal parts jock and genius.

    Jetting into professional football from Harvard has served Fitzpatrick well. At one point in college he thought he may end up on Wall Street. It turns out not pursuing a job utilizing his economics degree from one of the most well known universities in the world has certainly paid off.

    While Fitzpatrick is undoubtedly dedicated to his football career, his toughest job is at home. Raising five kids definitely has its own set of challenges. It seems that as a dad Fitzpatrick is completely grounded with his family by his side. “Having a big family, especially with the five little ones running around, it definitely helps keep me centered and just puts things into perspective for me. I could have a great game or I could have the worst game in the world, and I come home and my kids are still there smiling, calling me dad and loving me. It definitely puts things into perspective and helps me because being a quarterback is so up and down there are so many highs and lows that you go through, but having a solid core unit at home of people that love me unconditionally no matter what, that helps out a lot.”

    Being a professional football player for the past twelve seasons has granted Fitzpatrick some high profile coworkers and friends. When we asked him what it was like playing with fellow Mizzen+Main athlete, JJ Watt, Fitzpatrick said “When JJ and I were in Houston together it was sort of the beginning of his stardom, and he’s really blossomed since I’ve gone. So it's great to see him doing all of his commercials and fashion shoots. For such a burly, strong, intense defensive lineman, it’s nice to see him get pretty sometimes. I think the females really like it and, it makes him less intimidating on the field for me.” Watch out JJ, we sense some friendly competition coming your way.

    Like a lot of our other athletes, Fitzpatrick did not always dress to impress. “I’m not really a guy of much fashion, and so [Mizzen+Main] was awesome for me because they are stylish shirts but there’s not a lot of maintenance to them. I just hang them up in my closet and throw them on and the comfort is amazing. I just don’t have to do much to maintain them. I don’t have to take them in to get tailored, and somehow they make this body look good.” Hey, Fitz… we’re always here to help. Clearly, Fitzpatrick finds purpose in his life, both on the field and at home. His character and now even his style are among the many admirable qualities that make us proud to call him a #MainMan.


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    Video by: Jake Brown
    Photography & Article by: Mizzen+Main
  7. Antoine Roussel

    Antoine Roussel is constantly driven to be the best and coolest guy on the ice. It seems like almost every shot he takes, he scores. 

    Shop Antoine's Looks



    Roussel is known for being one of the best and most physical players in professional hockey. From France, to Montreal, to Dallas, he shot for the stars and landed his dreams. Playing for Dallas for the past three years, Roussel has taken the hockey world by storm. He is a constant leader in professional hockey for penalty minutes and known for his tenacity and grit on and off the ice. When asked about his team, there is no questioning his dedication to his sport and admiration for his teammates. “I'm lucky to be on a team like [Dallas]. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. We have great players like Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin, Jason Spezza; name a good player, we have them. That’s why it is exciting to be [in Dallas] right now. We’re a fun team to watch. To be on a team like [Dallas], it drives your energy… you want to make sure you're at your best every night. Those guys make me better and we’re ready to kick [down] some doors.”

    We are extremely picky when choosing our athletes. They have to meet the highest standards, not only do they need to represent our brand well, but our country, too. Roussel embodies our vision perfectly and it seems the feeling is mutual. “What I like about Mizzen+Main, I had a couple of opportunities to rep a couple of companies, but for me it was really important to represent a company that is driven [to bring] everything to America. This country [has given me] so much, like with my career, with the opportunity to be great, and the fact that all the products are made in the US and they’re just great quality… I wear it every day now. It’s just so awesome. I am so proud of that.”



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  8. JJ Watt

    Trading Cheese for Texas BBQ, the Wisconsinite and current professional Houston football player, JJ Watt, has tackled his dreams in becoming one of the most iconic football players in the league.

    Shop JJ's Looks



    JJ Watt was brought up to chase his dreams, and has taken some big risks to do so.  “The power of only having a plan A and nothing else is so monumental, you can accomplish things that you never ever believed you could accomplish.” JJ’s outlook on life and success means he is constantly stepping up his game, with no regard for failure. That drive is something we here at Mizzen+Main cannot get enough of.


    JJ doesn’t want to only be remembered for his big hits, he wants to be remembered for his positive legacy. “I don't want to be remembered as just a football player.  If I end my career and the only thing people remember me for is sacks and tackles then I didn’t do my job in using my platform in the best of my ability.  I hope people remember me for some of the things I do off the field, and I hope that I can leave this game in a better place then when I came in and hopefully set an example for the next generation for them to use their platform as well.” JJ wants to give every child the opportunity to play sports, which is why he started the JJ Watt foundation.  He believes children should have the athletic opportunities he has been blessed with regardless of their financial situation.


    When JJ takes off the pads, his style is simple, casual, and comfortable. “My personal style is really broken up into two categories, athletic and dressed up. That's the beauty of what I have enjoyed with Mizzen+Main, is that those two things have come together.”  You may even find him in his rare moments of spare time on the basketball court playing in his favorite Mizzen+Main dress shirt. “If I wanted to I could play a basketball game with Mizzen+Main clothes. It would be easy to do.” Following your dreams and achieving the impossible is the JJ Watt way… also looking sharp while doing so doesn't hurt.



    Photography by: Richard Ross
    Video by: JerSean Golatt



  9. Thomas Morstead

    Whether it’s pinning a defense with a well aimed punt, pumping iron, or providing a comfortable future for his family, Thomas Morstead gets a kick out of life.  



    But no matter what he’s striving for, it’s never simply for the sake of doing it. The SMU football legend and New Orleans Super Bowl XLIV hero sets his goals and chases after them with laser-like precision. Sure, being a professional punter in a city like New Orleans seems like a pretty sweet gig, but the special teams captain puts in the work to reap the rewards. The 6’4”, self-proclaimed gym rat rarely wears his championship hardware, despite perfectly executing a surprise onside kick coming out of halftime that would ultimately give his team the momentum needed to win. “I don’t want to be wearing a ring all the time looking at what I got when I’m trying to get another one. I try to keep it out of sight, out of mind”. He goes on to say, “I have more appreciation for how special it was to win after seeing how difficult it was to come back and win it again.” Thomas is constantly stepping his game up and doesn’t take opportunities in life for granted. That sort of perspective is something we admire.

    Like a true local, Morstead maintains a safe distance from the mayhem of Bourbon Street; however, since moving from Texas, where he spent his entire life, Thomas has fully embraced the Big Easy. “New Orleans is a great place, because the more you invest yourself in things that are going on in the community, and the more you put yourself out there, the more you fall in love with the city.” The fourth-down phenom also looks back on the Super Bowl run and understands the impact it had, not only on football fans but for the city itself. “When we won the Super Bowl, the city just kept partying. Like it never stopped and it didn't feel like it was over ’til the next year….It meant so much to the city of New Orleans, it was really fun going on that magical ride that season.”

    Like most of our athletes, Morstead didn’t always dress to impress. “I would say my wife has made me more fashionable, when we started dating in college I was wearing plain t-shirts and gym shorts everywhere”. While he’s intrinsically motivated by his subconscious drive to be the best of the best, Thomas Morstead also plays the role of model family man. “Being a great provider helps me be a great dad. Being a great dad helps me be a better husband, and the things that are important for me, they are all intertwined.  The goals and dreams that our family has are all intertwined together.” Similar to the city famous for its second lines, Thomas acknowledges life is not a one man band.

    a football signed by Thomas Morstead
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    Photography by: Richard Ross
    Video by: JerSean Golatt
    Written by: Jordan Spencer





  10. Fathers Day Thank You

    With Father’s Day just around the corner, Mizzen+Main would like to honor a very special group of fathers out there. We’re so grateful for fathers everywhere, but would like to especially recognize those in the military who have deployed while still building a family back at home. Because sometimes, it’s easy to forget that those men and women are just like us: husbands, wives, brothers, daughters, mothers, and of course, fathers.  

    While many of us are able to come home to our kids every day, our service members are in a completely different country for months, and even years at a time. And though we may not realize it, they sacrifice time with their families so that we back home are able to spend time with ours.    

    Take a moment out of your day for a family near and dear to us, The Cyrs. Kurt Cyr, who was in the same battalion as one of our own here at M + M, was deployed six times while both of his children were under five years old. Watch as he and his wife, Shaleen Cyr, share a completely different perspective on life at home.

    A huge heartfelt thank you to everything that all of the fathers out there do. Happy Father’s Day, from Mizzen+Main.

  11. J.J. Watt at the CMT Awards in Mizzen+Main!

    Check out our Brand Ambassador, J.J. Watt at the CMT's.

    J.J. proves that Mizzen+Main helps keep you cool, even when life hits you in the face. Check out this preview for the CMT Awards, starring J.J. Watt, wearing our Strauss dress shirt.


  12. Jason Khalipa for Mizzen+Main

    The relentless, daily grind to step up his game in the gym, at home, and in the boardroom is what makes Jason Khalipa a champion.

    Shop Jason's Looks


    The 2008 CrossFit® Games winner and proud owner of NC Fit, a global gym chain, has spent several years pushing the limits and leading by example. Not for the sake of stealing the spotlight either — “I follow my passion, and I’m really fortunate to make a career out of it.” This is a guy who as a young man realized the power of a glass that’s always half full. He’s a champion, not only due to his competitive victories, but because of the dedication to accomplishing his goals. Sure, the victories are great, but when you love what you do, winning comes easily. Regardless of the outcome, he defines a champion as “someone who can really mentally and physically prepare themselves to go in and give it their all.” Hey Jason, we couldn’t agree more.



    Contrary to a somewhat popular belief, success as a professional athlete doesn’t save you from the same real world issues that everyone endures. It does, however, teach you how to process the situation and progress forward. Learning that his daughter had been diagnosed with Leukemia “changed [his] perspective on a lot of things.” Jason was already a dedicated and wonderful father, but, in an instant, everything changed. While his day to day was typically consumed by his roles as a professional athlete, successful businessman, and attentive coach, his focus is now all about his family and, when needed, hospital room jester. When your child has cancer, everything else seems insignificant, but he says, “it doesn’t mean I don’t still wake up with a desire to push myself.” Jason uses his positive outlook and experience in the weight room to overcome, without question, the most difficult obstacle in his life. “CrossFit has helped me mentally, physically, (and) emotionally…and I’m trying to carry that over into what’s happening in real life.” 


    As an athlete dedicated to both fitness and family, Jason understands the life changing benefits his passion possesses. Whether he's providing a post-workout spark of energy and endorphins for his daughter, or truly impacting the lifestyles of his clients from “the way they walk, the way they talk, [and] the way they carry themselves”, the CrossFit champ literally uses his powers for good. Jason credits his persistent positivity to the CrossFit community, a growing network of “humble, hardworking people that are really inspiring to be around.” 

    For a business owner, who spends a significant portion of his life in the gym and the boardroom, this breathing boulder of a man needed a wardrobe synonymous with style and comfort. He swears by our athletic fit dress shirts and chinos that fit him off the rack. “Mizzen+Main has allowed me to stay comfortable, but yet allows me to go into meetings and feel like I'm properly dressed for the occasion.” As a driven, optimistic, never settle sort of guy, who doesn't take himself too seriously, Khalipa embodies everything Mizzen+Main stands for and, as an added bonus, makes our shirts look pretty badass.


    Jason’s athlete challenge required some assistance from our Creative Director, Jennifer Reeves. Jason really proves to be someone who can lift you up...

    Written by: Jordan Spencer
    Photography by: Richard Ross
    Video by: JerSean Golatt

  13. John Isner for Mizzen+Main

    Whoever said size doesn't matter, has never been the tallest person in the room.

    Some athletes are born with speed, some with size, others naturally intelligent or tenacious, but every professional athlete inherently possesses an innate ability to perform. They step up their game when everything is on the line. Luckily for John Isner, the majority of these character traits are intrinsically developed. The record-setting racket master recalls an unforgettable week at Wimbledon, where he won a match that lasted a daunting eleven hours. No, seriously, eleven hours. After spending three days trying to decide a single set, Isner’s mental fortitude literally kept his head in the game, mainly because his legs probably felt like mashed potatoes. He has this unrelenting will to persevere in the face of adversity, and it’s one reason why we’re such huge fans. 



    For a guy who’s taller than the average NBA player, the view from the top turned out to be pretty terrific. Originating from the heart of hoops country in North Carolina, the 6’ 10” tennis pro spurned the hardwood for a steady career on the court, grass and clay. But for this towering tennis player, confidence didn’t come easily at first. Although the literal and figurative growing pains took their toll at an early age, John has learned to embrace his stature over the last decade. “I don't try to hide it whatsoever, it's who I am, and it makes me really unique”.

    Pictured above: The Beckett

    Ever since Isner discovered Mizzen+Main, the performance fabrics have provided a permanent solution for his unique stature. “It’s the only thing I wear, I'm constantly getting compliments on it. But most importantly it fits me well, which is something I've never had an easy time doing.” Well, you know what they say John, ‘if the shirt fits’…or shoes, whatever, you get it.

    Pictured Above: The Hampton

    When he’s not returning serves, John prefers to detach from tennis as much as possible. This ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ connoisseur  lives a balanced life that features plenty of other active hobbies and sports, so no matter where he is or what he’s doing, he wants to look good and feel great. The Tampa, FL resident lives on a golf course, fishes regularly, AND travels the world playing tennis professionally—we’d say life is pret-ty, pret-ty… pret-ty good. John Isner worked hard to live comfortably, and that’s kind-a what we’re all about.

    After a long photoshoot, we challenged John to some racket juggling tricks. As the highest ranked American tennis player in the world, it’s clear his best talent is still crushing opponents on the court...


    Shop John's Looks


    Written by: Jordan Spencer
    Photography: Richard Ross
    Videography: JerSean Golatt



  14. Jake Arrieta for Mizzen+Main

    Jake Arrieta is constantly working on his game, and not just the control of his curveball.

    The Chicago pitcher and native Texan steps up to the plate on the mound and as a father at home. He’s no stranger to style, but for a guy that’s comfortable in a tee shirt and sandals, he needed a dress shirt that could keep up with an active lifestyle. A couple years ago, when Jake was first introduced to Mizzen+Main, he instantly gravitated towards the brand. “The first time I put the shirt on I knew that this was something I wanted to wear for the rest of my adult life. Something that was tailored to athletes…something that allows you to move around and be mobile”. The admiration is mutual, so we sat down with Jake to get to know the man behind the beard. Check it out...




    On his off days, Jake somehow has the energy to keep up with his son, Cooper. The four-year old aspiring protege can’t help but have an interest in baseball, and while he’s still learning that fans and autographs don’t fall directly into your mitt, Jake never misses a chance to teach his son the importance of hard work and pursuing what makes him happy. Even if, right now, that’s mainly reserved for toy trucks and mac n’ cheese.



    Fear the beard isn’t just some fun, catchy rhyme. For this bearded ball player, intimidation is the name of the game. While the the facial hair growth comes as naturally as his wind up, Jake Arrieta takes some serious pride in his face fur. “The facial hair adds that intimidation factor, and when you’re trying to strike some fear in your opponent it’s a good thing to have on your side.” Bets aside, the beard isn’t going anywhere. According to Arrieta, facial hair is a blessing, and now that his presence on the mound has been established, he believes the Chicago fanbase deserves the consistency they’ve grown accustomed to.



    The face behind the beard also offers some fresh perspective on life. His appreciation for his wife’s tenacity, especially in the face of the minor league days and years of long road trips while alone with the kids, is truly refreshing. He shows gratitude that he can share these experiences as a professional athlete with his son, Cooper, and daughter, Palmer. Like Mizzen+Main, Jake appreciates how the preparation and hard work that goes into accomplishing a goal, is often times just as important as the execution of the final product. He finds purpose in everything he does and exemplifies exactly what Mizzen+Main stands for, both on and off the field.



    Of course, we couldn’t let Jake go without having a little fun. Jake is pretty confident with his ability at the plate, but we wanted to test out his skills in a new way...



     Shop Jake's Looks




    Photography by: Richard Ross 
    Video by: JerSean Golatt
    Copy by: Jordan Spencer

  15. Summer Campaign Kickoff

    Professional athletes are a different breed. They’re cut from a different cloth. They thrive when the heat is on and the pressure has reached a breaking point.  These athletes need clothes that can keep up with them when the game is over and the fans have gone home. A shirt that fits their lifestyle and their frame; something that doesn’t hold them back or restrict any movement. For the professionals, the spotlight is still on even when the clock strikes zero, so, keeping their cool is as much about feeling good as it is about looking great. Confidence comes naturally to even the most humble professional athletes, which is why they prefer a brand that is synonymous with both style and comfort. For Mizzen+Main, athletic performance isn’t simply something we stand for; it serves as the sole inspiration and purpose for everything that we sell. 

    Consistently refusing to settle is what separates a professional athlete from everybody else. It’s the unyielding dedication to improving one’s craft, even in the face of adversity. At Mizzen+Main, we took this same, relentless approach while creating our performance fabrics. We constantly raise our standards to match the pace of every professional athlete, who works tirelessly to elevate their game, and our athletes appreciate that attention to detail.  This summer, Mizzen+Main wants to inspire you to ‘Step Up Your Game’ by featuring elite professional athletes, who’s passion for performance and personal growth perfectly illustrate the brand’s commitment to excellence. Whether it be on the field, at home, or in their communities, Mizzen+Main takes pride in partnering with well balanced and impactful people, who also happen to be professional athletes. 


    Copy by: Jordan Spencer

  16. As seen on the Today Show and Complex

    Our moisture wicking, four-way stretch dress shirts have become a style staple to many professional athletes who need that extra stretch to stay on the move. Since they require no ironing or dry cleaning, they’re perfect for traveling or just to and from the gym. Check out our clip featured on the show and some extra behind the scenes footage below!


    Also, enter to win some amazing gear from Mizzen+Main and Reebok!

    Sign up and you could win over $500 to Mizzen+Main/Reebok AND a signed JJ Watt Football. Details here.

    Original Today Show segment here.

  17. Calling All Helmsmen

    Check out our Instagram video below!

  18. San Francisco

    We popped up in San Francisco this month! Thanks to those who stopped by. See our set up and how we celebrated.


    We'll be popping up in San Francisco again from Feb 4-8. Be sure to stop by! 1 Columbus Ave. 


  19. JJ Watt

    Meet our new brand ambassador. He’s kind of a big deal...

    Watt was a first round pick in the 2011 draft and is one of the fiercest players in the NFL as the Houston Texans defensive end. When he’s not tearing up the football field, he actually makes quite the gentleman. (But we’re glad we’re on his good side.)

    Our CEO, Kevin Lavelle, said it best, “J.J. is an incredible athlete who works as hard off the field as he does on. J.J. is both humble and the hardest working man in the NFL with a relentless focus on performing at the highest level of the sport. All the while, he is a family man who gives back to his community and seeks to make everyone around him better. J.J. embodies everything that we stand for as we build the next great American brand. We are proud to manufacture apparel at the intersection of advanced performance and classic style, exceeding the expectations of elite athletes like J.J. and modern men everywhere.”



    We asked JJ a few questions about why he’s hooked on our shirts:

    "Living in Houston for the past five years, it gets extremely hot and humid. So whenever I step out the front door, I start sweating. That poses a big problem when I go to an event or on a road trip and we have to wear suits. Mizzen+Main brought in these shirts that stretch, that breathe, that allow you to go outside and move around and really not have the sweat show through. As a guy who has to wear a suit every week to go play a game, it’s pretty incredible. I’ve been on them ever since and it’s been a great addition to my wardrobe."

    How did you come across Mizzen+Main?

    "I actually had a shirt sent to me by a buddy. He just said 'Hey man, you have to try this shirt, its incredible, I’ve worn it.' So I tried Mizzen+Main out, and it was so nice to step outside and not worry about if there would be sweat marks."

    And how about just shooting outside today, it’s about 100 degrees right now..

    "Yea, its about 100 degrees outside and I’m wearing jeans and a long sleeve [Mizzen+Main] shirt. But I actually feel pretty comfortable! I think its a testament to the shirts and to the wearability."

    The brand is American Made. Talk about how that aligns with your pride for this country.

    "I think the fact that the clothes are made here in America and that Mizzen+Main is proud to provide American jobs is great. And obviously being a proud American myself - its great to wear clothes that come from your home.”

    Shop JJ Watt's Looks


  20. Sail Away

    Take a look behind the scenes at our Spring/Summer photoshoot. We had a blast out at sea! (...okay it was a lake but still)

    Our lifestyle shoot this season had us up a sunrise and on the water. If you don’t already know Mizzen and Main are sailing terms that symbolize the breathability and flexibility of our shirts. Not the mention that Kennedy-esk all American vibe we love. So we set sail on a vintage sailboat with the whole team on board, including model Clay Hunnington from Big Brother on NBC. 

    Get a full behind the scenes look at our creative process!

    Our Photographer Richard and Creative Director Jennifer

    Our Photographer Richard and Creative Director Jennifer

    Left: Intern Jax and CMO Jen w/ Capt Jon. Right: Our wake up call

    (Left) Intern Jax and CMO Jen w/ Capt Jon (Right) Our wake up call

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