What to Wear on Thanksgiving

What to Wear on Thanksgiving


A Guide to Stretchy Pants

That Thursday is coming. You know the one. The big one. The Thursday where you promise yourself you’ll practice self control this year and put a cap on your maximum number of helpings. But it’s Thanksgiving and the likelihood of you not being physically rolled away from the table is low. Rather than resist the urge to indulge, we say embrace it, be thankful for the goodies and your gut, and dive in.

That said, responsible overeating requires a little preparation. You want to be able to sample every dish multiple times and still look suave, cleverly concealing the reality that you may well burst at any given moment.

The answer is two words: elastic waistband.

If you’re a proud food enthusiast, here’s what to wear at any Thanksgiving occasion, without compromising your style or dignity.

Formal Family Dinner

Stretchy pants don’t have to equal casual wear. There are a number of comfortable, elastic pants that suit a classy aesthetic and are easily paired with a collared shirt. If your Thanksgiving will be a more formal affair with relatives that you haven’t seen for years (and actually aren’t quite sure how you’re related to them), try these

The breathable, wrinkle-resistant material means that you can stay slouched for as long as you need and won’t stand up with messy pants. Meanwhile, the drawstring waistband lets you adjust the fit as you make your way through Thanksgiving dinner. Pair the joggers with a , and a pair of clean sneakers or loafers, and you’ll be fresh to impress the family on November 24.


There’s nothing quite like gathering the boys to pass Thanksgiving with a few extra beers and fewer judgemental eyes when you scoop the fifth portion of potatoes onto your plate. Nonetheless, you want to stay sharp in front of the homies, so opt for tailored stretchy pants.

These are not only fashionable, they have an elastic leg opening and stretchy waistband, while still having a tailored fit. Add a blue polo shirt, tucked in, and complete with light gray shoes. If you want to make more of a statement around friends, try the color, mixed with a darker for bold color blocking. Top with a lightly pattern zip jacket, and voila, you’ll be ready to roll through  lookin’ like a solid 10/10.

Your Partner’s Family Thanksgiving

This one can be tricky. You want to be on your best behavior around your partner’s family but you don’t want to go home hungry, or risk missing out on dessert because those fitted chinos are digging into your hips. The solution? Helmsman Chinos. We know what you’re thinking—chinos with an elastic waistband? Oh yeah. Made of performance fabric that offers superior comfort, these pants bring at-home comfort to out-and-about style. Pair with a , finish with a watch, visible dark socks, and slightly off-white sneakers.

What Not to Wear

We’ve covered how to perfect your aesthetic and still appease your appetite, but what about the fashion don’ts over Thanksgiving? For starters (mmm starters), don’t be tempted to dress overly formal—unless you’re going to a black tie event, a full suit isn’t necessary. As always, take care to invest in stretchy pants that fit you well, checking that they sit just above your ankle bone, and align well against your leg shape.

And last but not least: bon appetit and happy holidays.