What Is Onebag Travel?

What Is Onebag Travel?


If you’re someone who loves juggling multiple suitcases and paying expensive baggage fees, you’re going to hate the idea of one bag travel. But if you’re a sane human being, you might be interested in finding out there’s an easier, less expensive way to travel. Simply pack everything you need in one convenient, lightweight bag.

That’s right—one bag.

Airlines make their money on baggage fees (we’re talking billions here). But one bag travel is a great way to avoid that sneaky additional fee.

Not only do you save time and money on your way out of town, but you can skip baggage claim when you land. Whether you’re flying domestic or international, one bag travel can make every step of the process smoother. Here’s how.

It’s All About the Bag

Even though backpacks and luggage come in various sizes, you'll want to find one that is compact and lightweight. A piece of lightweight luggage makes walking through the airport a whole lot quicker, and it’s less for you to lift.

Finding the right bag is essential to getting the most out of one bag travel. We recommend starting with these travel backpacks and these carry-ons.

What (and How) to Pack

Clothing claims most of the space in anyone’s travel bag. You want to look good, feel good, and have a few stylish options along the way. So, it makes sense that we often overpack on clothing for a trip.

For one-bag travel, however, the in the world. First, take a look at your itinerary and make sure you know exactly what you’ll be doing (and what clothing you’ll need for each activity).

Then, pack only the favorites. Think about clothes you can’t wait to put on. At the very least, you’ll likely want casual, comfortable, athletic, and dress-up-able clothing (fyi, Mizzen+Main clothing falls into all of those categories), but how much of each depends on the trip.

While there are multiple ways to pack strategically, we've found that rolling your clothes rather than folding them saves an incredible amount of space. This is where wrinkle-free clothing is helpful too (did we mention we make that too?).

Outside of clothing, minimalism reigns. No big books, laptops, or speakers, and definitely not a tangle of wires that charge who knows what. Keep any and all liquids under 3.4 ounces (that’s per TSA regulations) and oh yeah, don’t forget a belt.

Also, we respect souvenir guys, so if that’s you, leave a little extra space in the bag to add some cool items from the trip.

Some Mizzen+Main for Every Trip

We’ve already hinted at this not-so-subtly, but Mizzen+Main makes the perfect clothing for one bag travel. With wrinkle resistant, moisture wicking, and high-stretch performance fabrics, Mizzen+Main makes it easy to look and feel your best.

No matter where you’re going, here are some styles you should absolutely pack.

Pack For the Beach

Keep an eye on our ever-evolving for your next beach trip. Then, we’d recommend picking up one (or more) of our moisture-wicking polo or leeward short-sleeve, button-down options.

Work Trip Looks

Whether you're trying to make a good first impression, nail a presentation, or kick back on a casual work trip, our Back In Office collection will do just the trick. You can mix and match a variety of no-tuck shirts, dress shirts, and many other items to create the best work trip outfits.

Golfing Trip with the Boys

Hit the greens in one of our comfortable 4-way stretch Golf Essentials. Regardless of the region or weather, we have polo shirts, hoodies, and vests to suit varied outdoor conditions. We can't guarantee lower scores, but you’ll definitely look great out there.

Ready to experience minimalist traveling and book an adventurous trip? Once you experience one-bag travel, you'll never want to hassle with bulky luggage again.