5 Fashion Goals For the New Year

5 Fashion Goals For the New Year


5 Fashion Goals For the New Year

There’s never a better time to update your wardrobe and general aesthetic than at the start of a new year. Especially when the sales are on and all the women in your life just gifted you a ton of new clothes for Christmas.

Maybe you have a good style thing going on and just want some goals to keep your look fresh. Maybe you’ve developed a celebrity man crush and want to (literally) step into their shoes. Maybe there’s a real possibility that your girlfriend will leave if you don’t get rid of your decades-old clothes. Whatever the reason, a little fashion planning is in order to set your personal bar. Here are five attainable strategies and fashion goals for the new year.

Identify the Looks You Like

Before you start spending, you need to be clear about what you actually like. If you don’t, you’re gonna end up buying things on a whim and then have to deal with exchanges and pissed sales assistants who already repeatedly asked you if you were sure about the rhinestone-covered shirt.

Do a quick Google search of the best-dressed men from this year. See if any of their styles resonate with you, or if there are elements of their style that you can combine into your own. Try to focus on guys who have a similar build and height to you, that way you can more easily mirror their looks and you’ll feel more confident wearing them.

Once you’ve got this base, you can start experimenting with your unique twist. It’ll take some trial and error, but it’s time well spent to crack your fashion code.

Get the Right Fit

How your clothes sit on you is important. You might have found the coolest outfit, but if it makes you look like you’ve shrunk into your ankles, you’re not going to get the reception you want. The right fit is half the trick to looking good.

When it comes to shirts, you should  be able to comfortably do up the top button and have enough space to fit two fingers between your neck and the shirt. You should also be able to take a deep inhale and not feel the buttons press against your chest. The length of the shirt should extend just before the bottom of your hip bone, so there’s sufficient material to tuck in but you also won’t be swallowed by the shirt if you want to leave it untucked.

Pants can be a little more complicated depending on whether you prefer a slim, athletic, or tailored fit. That said, whatever the cut, , nor should they feel stretched at the knee when you bend. As a rule of thumb, if you can pinch more than two inches of the pant fabric from your thigh, you need a smaller size.

As for jackets, the fit will vary based on the material and type of jacket. Jean jackets and puffer jackets look best when they’re slightly oversized and loose. Meanwhile, a blazer should hug your shoulders and sit close to your torso.

There are a ton of out there, so if you’re not ready to hit up your tailor just yet, get some measuring tape and get to work in front of the mirror.

Cover the Classics First

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel on your style journey. Classics are classics for a reason – invest in a few of them, and you’ll quickly discover that dressing well doesn’t have to take hours in the morning.

A checked shirt like this is always a date staple or can be worn with chinos for formal occasions.

Black pants like these five-pocket Helmsmans are great for work attire, as well as daily outings when combined with a tailored t-shirt and white sneakers. If your style is a little more out there, opt for bold colors or pair them with clashing block colors.

A jogger is another classic for any man’s wardrobe. Whether you want to keep some of your suave while lounging around the house, or you want a playful casual look that isn’t stuffy, try these .

Of course, you’re going to need a selection of basic tees to mix up throughout the week. This easy-knit t-shirt comes in light gray and navy blue, and can be worn under a fitted jacket as a base layer, or with shorts in the summer months for a cool, clean outfit.

Come winter, a fleece or statement sweater is in order. Check out this number for the fall months or this with a classic knot texture.

Experiment With Statement Pieces

Once you have a solid style foundation, you can make certain additions that really showcase your personality and keep you on top of the latest fashion trends.

Accessories are your friends, so long as they’re used sparingly. Geometric-shaped sunglasses are having a moment right now, as are thick necklaces, bucket hats, and satchel bags. If you really want to make an entrance, you can wear all the above at once, but keep in mind that editing matters. For a look that isn’t too loud, accessorize, but use neutral color clothes for the base palette.

Focus on Functionality

Fashion and functionality can coexist, and part of your fashion goals should be to buy items that will last, feel comfortable, and still give you a style edge. For example, wrinkle-resistant pants mean your bottom half won’t lose its shape when you’ve been sitting down for long periods of time. While two-way stretch and breathable materials mean your clothes will adapt to your movements and you won’t have to worry about embarrassing sweat stains.

By now, you must be ready to roam down your own personal red carpet – or at least ready for your extended family to stop commenting on your moth-eaten clothes. For more fashion inspiration for 2023, take a look at Mizzen+Main’s new arrivals.