Business Trip Packing List

Business Trip Packing List


Business Trip Packing List

The number one mistake people make when creating their business trip packing list is that they focus too much on the most important meeting of the trip.

No matter the overall reason for the business trip, there’s always one agenda item on the trip that reigns supreme. And of course, you want to look presentable for that meeting. But if your business trip packing list is only focused on one meeting, you can easily overlook what to wear on the plane, or to dinner after the meeting, or to breakfast the next morning.

Don’t worry. We’ve got every item on your business trip packing list covered from start to finish.


Flying? Driving? Traveling by boat? Doesn’t matter. You’ll want to wear something comfortable for all three of those vehicles. We recommend the following items:

Now, that assumes you’ll have time to change before your first meeting. But if you’re hopping off the plane and heading straight into a conference room, try this:

Planes are almost always cold, so you can decide whether or not you need a pullover, but at least keep one handy in your carry-on.

The Happy Hour Outfit

Your business trip packing list may center around all the professional events you’ll attend, but what’s more professional than getting a little tipsy with your colleagues? Here, as with anything else, comfort is king. Try this outfit:

Yes, that’s two shirts. No, you won’t wear them both, but it’s best to have options. Pack a polo and a short sleeve button-down and feel out the vibe when you get there. We recommend giving the happy hour location a quick Google and taking a look at the images. Then, you’ll know just what to wear and good news: your business trip packing list had you prepared with multiple shirt options.

The Dinner Outfit

If you’re trying to wine and dine a new client, then dinner may actually be the most important meeting of your trip. Don’t get too tripped up trying to be the sommelier for your table (although phrases like “I’m getting notes of oak and charcoal” always play). Instead, wear something that gives you the cool confidence of a guy ready to close a deal.

The sweater will have to be a game time decision depending on the weather, but like we’ve said, having an extra layer on hand never hurts. If you’re wearing a dress shirt that feels just as comfortable as your favorite athletic shirt, you’re fully prepared.

The Early Morning Tee Time Outfit

Plenty of business deals happen on the golf course. Whether or not a trip to the links is on your itinerary, it never hurts to be prepared. Look good, play good.

Don’t worry about trying to break the course record. Instead, try to keep it between the mayo and mustard and focus on being a fun guy to play with. Remember, you’re there for business, not birdies. Although the two often go hand in hand…

The Big Meeting Outfit

Alright, this is why you’re here. The Big Meeting. Time to shake some hands, close some deals, do whatever it is you were sent on this trip to do. We recommend going with your favorite, most classic, most comfortable outfit:

Keep it simple, stupid. No need to knock anybody’s socks off. Wear something that gives you the confidence you need to get the job done.

Business Trip Packing List

That’s it. Below you’ll find a list that will cover everything on your business trip packing list (you can adjust the numbers based on the length of the trip). Don’t forget underwear, socks, shoes, and your chargers. Those are on you.