A Guide to OOO Email Autoreplies

A Guide to OOO Email Autoreplies


Writing OOO email autoreplies is a bit of a lost art form. You have to convey a specific message, but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

While most people limit their OOO email autoreplies to a simple statement of fact and nothing more, you can still add a bit of personality to your outgoing message. It doesn’t need to be much, but a dash of fun can make an otherwise boring email engaging.

Below are some sample OOO email autoreplies. Feel free to copy and paste them as you wish. Enjoy your time off.

Give Travel Details

Subject Line: Stuck in the Denver airport...

If you're receiving this message, that means you've reached out to me at a time when I am traveling.

I won't tell you my final destination (that's personal), but I do want to let you know that I have a connecting flight in the Denver airport. So, if you don't hear from me early next week as I'm catching up on emails, please send help.

There's a strong chance the New World Order has taken me hostage in their secret bunker. Or that the fiery red eyes of the mustang transported me to another dimension. Or the Pizza Hut Express made a mistake with my order, and I'm still there sorting it out.

Whatever happened, this email may not be, in fact, finding me well. Wish me luck.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Subject Line: The person you're trying to reach is unavailable

Please leave your message at the...

Or, better yet, don't leave a message at all because I'll be back at an unspecified date in the near-ish future.

Talk to you then.


Define “Urgent”

Subject Line: Ask yourself this…

Thank you for your email. I’m unavailable until a certain date in the not-so-distant future. What is that date, you ask? I’ll tell you when I’m back.

If something is urgent, start by asking yourself, “Is this really urgent?” Then, trust that I’ll get back to you when I get back to you.


Direct Them to Someone Else

Subject Line: Tim can help you here

Greetings and salutations,

I am out of the office until next week. Until then, please reach out to Tim (tim@myworkemail.com) for anything extremely urgent.

If this is a sales email, please don't hit up Tim. His time is too valuable.

Thanks for your message. I look forward to communicating with you upon my return.

Make Them Feel Special

Subject Line: I love your emails

Hey there.

It's me. I'm currently out of office until an unspecified date in the near future.

Just know that I’m already looking forward to reading this email when I get back because I absolutely love your emails. Only yours. No one else’s.

I mean that.