Makers of the Best Damn Dress Shirt

Makers of the Best Damn Dress Shirt

If you’re reading this at work, you’re like us. You don’t need a permission slip to give yourself some wiggle room during the workday. But here it is anyway. Go wild. Get comfortable.

The Origin Story

At the sight of a sweat-drenched D.C. staffer running into a meeting, the same thought that sparked a democracy also rattled around in our founder’s head: there has to be a better way. That better way was the Leeward. The best damn dress shirt.

It all starts with the fabric.

No one (and we mean no one) makes a better performance dress shirt. By combining the perfect blend of fibers with modern silhouettes, we’ve created clothes that look great and feel even better. Imagine wearing your favorite athletic wear to work. That’s what our dress shirts are like.

"A dress shirt that redefines versatile: sharp look, as comfortable as workout gear, and easy to wash at home or while on the road."
- Tommy S.
"Feeling like you’re going to the gym but looking like you’re working on Wall Street."
- Daniel O.
"The look of Monday through Thursday, with the comfort of Business Casual Friday."
- Jennifer V.

Meet the OG.

If you’re ready to exchange wrinkles and sweat stains for comfort and style, you’re ready for the Leeward. This is a dress shirt your hanger would be proud to wear.

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We are people first.

We exemplify our values by partnering with the Adaptive Training Foundation (ATF) and its efforts to provide rehabilitating, adaptive performance training to veterans and individuals who have suffered life-altering injuries. Learn more about ATF and how we partner with the foundation to make lasting change in our community.

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