A Shirt For A Start

Pictured is Taylor Morris, American Hero and Friend of Mizzen+Main. Mizzen+Main makes shirts with several principles and friends in mind. We had a simple idea. Even as a start-up, short run shirt maker, we will take a good portion of every sale and apply it to our program, "A Shirt for A Start".

Whether it is a charitable project benefitting a hero like Taylor Morris or directly hiring a veteran to a paid internship - we believe that we have found a way to bridge the gap between service and the start-up scene. For selected servicemen and women making the transition, we will pay them while they develop entrepreneurial experience, industry connections, and a better understanding. As we grow as a company, we will offer them more than a start. We will offer an opportunity to join us in design, logistics, communications, engineering, and other key departments - on a full-time basis. We will also connect them into our networks for continued career development and networking opportunities.

Manufactured in the United States of America

Mizzen+Main proudly manufactures our dress shirts in the USA. From the material to the stitching and finishing, every detail that goes into our shirts will continue to benefit our country's resurgence as a textile manufacturing power. 

Every Mizzen+Main shirt has a direct impact.  We want to create jobs with our success, it is why we started the company. Our mission is to put jobs before profits. Mizzen+Main strives to have a positive impact by continuing to work with the suppliers, sew shops, and distributors in the U.S.