Rock The Post & Mizzen+Main: Teaming Up for Success


What a great opportunity. We were discussing how we could go about spreading our message beyond Dallas and Columbus.  Then we came to a great conclusion! We will produce a short film on why we built Mizzen+Main and how we will be successful. The next step was to fund the film and that is where Rock The Post came in. They agreed to work with us to fund this project, a move that can greatly help an upstart like us by introducing us to a wider audience and allowing a funding program that incentivizes without equity share. 

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to produce a short film and three vignettes with the great team at Slice Media. This is a huge step for us but it certainly isn't the first time that we've stuck our neck out to build this company. We've chosen to manufacture shirts in a way that will benefit the people around us, even if they never wear a Mizzen+Main shirt. We've gotten this far and we look forward to what's next. Mizzen+Main is a company built for the long-run and we are building day by day. 

Check us out on the Rock The Post platform: Mizzen+Main for the win

Web Smith
Web Smith