Only Kings Understand Each Other.


The Tradition. Evolved. collection is built upon the standard foundation of menswear.  Our designs are as timeless as they are reliable.  Though the pieces in this collection are meant to evoke feelings of familiarity, we guarantee they are unlike any other. They only look like they are a part of the status quo. The quality and execution that we pride ourselves on is apparent within the details.  From never-before-seen synthetics in conjunction with an elite fit to create the most trustworthy of menswear textiles.  Current styles of this collection will take you from business to weekend wear through each and every season.  So, whether you are running from meeting to meeting in the summer heat or just having some beers after a long day; we have you covered.  

Only kings. We have begun to notice a bit of a pattern with the gentlemen that own Mizzen+Main pieces. They are all doing great things! Not one guy is beta, and we should know - we talk to many of our "Main Men" each day. From building young businesses to protecting our sovereign country, the Main Men are quite the unsuspecting team. We have also seen the flip side, not everyone understands the appeal of our shirts. They are so engrained in yesterday that they'd rather bicker about pricing than try it and justify it for themselves. 

Regardless, we will continue to build what we do - and in the United States. As we grow, we don't sit on stacks of profit (our margins aren't that spectacular). Rather, we reinvest in new products, new employees, and new ways to add value for our colleagues. You are a gentleman who has gone above and beyond in life, setting aside woe for action and circumstance for poise. This is the mark of a king. And one thing is for certain, only we will ever understand one another. Tradition will continue to evolve. 



Web Smith
Web Smith