Where’s homebase? 

I am currently living like a gypsy/pikey in transit, moving from London, UK to Philadelphia, PA. Home base is where ever it makes the most sense for growing business.

How do you stay active? 

I was on two Division I National Championship Wrestling Teams at Penn State. So wrestling was my main way to stay in shape for most of my life. While living in the UK the last 20 months I coached MMA fighters in wrestling. I am very politically correct when it comes to working out, I do not discriminate fitness. Lifting weights, trail running, road races, hiking, all yoga, HIIT, circuit training, I will give anything a shot. 

Staying active can mean many things and I also stay active by traveling. I have been in 16 countries and 8 U.S. states while living in London the last 20 months. You can see some of my adventures on Instagram #ClaysYay    

What keeps you motivated?

My morning routine keeps me motivated. 

I wake up every morning with a fist pump and a smile. It starts my days off with enthusiasm. Then I pray for 3 things I am grateful for and 3 things I need help with. 

The first thing that I do when I open  my computer is a goal achievement process called ACHI3VE. This helps me put into place what is important and what to focus on today in order to reach the long term goals. ACHI3VE helps me keep motivated, focused and consistent. 

Finally I write my personal mission statement on paper to remind myself what is most important. 

Where can people follow you on social? 

twitter: clay_steadman

Instagram: clay_steadman

Snapchat: steadmanderson 

Who inspires you most?

Several people within my network are training to win the 2016 Olympics. They are currently inspiring me in fitness the most since they are working to be the best in the world at what they do, tough to get more inspiring than that. 

Chris Sacca inspires me from a business prospective. I truly believe that he is trying to improve the world with his ventures and our principles are aligned almost identically. From his work with Charity Water to how much effort he puts into his investments at LOWERCASE capital I am working towards similar goals that Chris Sacca has already achieved. 

Lastly my dad, a great artist and amazing father, really inspires me. He puts his boys and wife before himself and strives to be better and do more every year. I hope to be a lot like him when I am his age. 

What’s your favorite Mizzen+Main product?

I love my Mizzen+Main Whitman Light Blue shirt. I only have had my Mizzen+Main shirts for less than a week and have already put in an order for 3 more. So we will see what I like most after the new ones arrive.

I honestly feel like I have found the best dress shirt ever. My Whitman is not just my most comfortable dress shirt but my most comfortable shirt. I have been buying all the top end shirts and getting them tailored for the last few years. I get a tare in them within a few months mostly on the elbow. I am uncomfortable in them since I have worn workout clothes my entire life before getting into business. I also sweat through my old dress shirts on a hot day. I often question whether I even belong in a dress shirt at all. With my Mizzen+Main shirt I felt like I belonged in it right when I put it on. I feel like every athlete should own Mizzen+Main and ex-athletes crushing the business world should have their closets full these products. Thank you so much for creating something that I feel like is just for me! 

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?

I love the patterns and everything that Mizzen+Main currently offer, but would love to have the a collar that buttons down for all the collared shirt products and patterns. The button down collar looks cleaner when you are not wearing a tie. Thank you for your consideration on this, I appreciate your constant improving attitude.

Where’s homebase?
San Antonio, TX

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I fell into the real estate industry here in South Texas about a year ago after a three year stint trading stocks and commodities for an NYC based prop firm. Insatiably curious about the world, love to travel, and always on the lookout for life changing experiences. I'll be the first to admit, I'm crazy OCD about stuff. If a bird poops on my car, I literally have to stop everything I am doing and go wash it off immediately. My entire life is pretty much organized into a spreadsheet of some sort. Thankfully I have a wonderful girlfriend who is willing to put up with my occasional spontaneous freak out moment. 

How do you stay active?
I run two miles every morning and put a basic weightlifting routine in motion when I get home from work. I'm not jacked or anything, but I'm in pretty good shape. 

What keeps you motivated?
lanning out my next trip, wherever that may be. Experiences over possessions, always.

What is your twitter handle?
I'm a lurker, but not actively Tweeting. 

Who inspires you most?
Steve Jobs and Elon Musk

What’s your favorite Mizzen+Main product?
I've only tried the Gingham Spread Collar Dress Shirts, which are absolutely outstanding. Been a Brooks Brothers customer for years, but I can't say I'll be buying shirts from there ever again. 

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?
I'm a simple guy and I like simple shirts. Surprise me.

"PS: This is my first (and last) selfie ever to be posted in a public forum. so please enjoy while it lasts Mizzen and 

Where’s homebase?

Home base is Dallas Texas, I've been living here since 2011 and have really come to love the city.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I'm an Operations Geologist for an oil company based out of Las Colinas and a Red Raider Alumni.

How do you stay active?

I stay active by being a member and athlete at Crossfit Big D. So if I'm not crossfitting I'm usually swimming or random activities with friends.

What keeps you motivated?

Motivation changes over the years; from wanting to compete, to just wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, to avoiding being 31 and looking 31! At the end of the day, being healthy, physically and mentally is what's most important.

What is your twitter handle?

No twitter handle!!!! Just Instagram (Texastechdw) and Facebook

What’s your favorite Mizzen+Main product?

I love the new Comanche henley, especially the hooded ones. But my all time favorite is the Pink Gingham!

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?

I really liked the change in look of the Fall collection and have always wanted to see some darker, more diverse colors out side of the lighter spring look. Thankfully Mizzen + Main has just done that with the addition of the Davenport and Montauk! Next, I would love to see a polo or some new T shirts that help donate to The Seal Foundation and other Military charities.


Be on the lookout for new arrivals to our Leeward Collection soon!

Mizzen+Main sponsored The Capital Club's annual Sinatra Soiree on August 1st in DC. The night before we held a customer appreciation happy hour at Provisions 14 with some of our DC based Main Men and Women. We finally got the opportunity to shake hands with them and welcome them to the Mizzen+Main family. We'd love to throw a happy hour in your hometown. Where should we go next? 



(Photo credit: Collin Mock)
As some of you may know, we recently returned from The 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games in Carson, California. Many of our team members do CrossFit, and with our new official relationship with Jason Khalipa, we were all glued to the competition. 
(Photo credit: Collin Mock)
It's difficult to describe the intensity of both the competitors and the fans at The Games. It's a challenge not to let yourself get completely swept away by the drama of the race and the stories of the individuals and teams. 
(Photo credit: Collin Mock)
We are incredibly proud to be a part of such an amazing community focused on athleticism, sportsmanship, and health. A HUGE congratulations to Jason and his team for battling through an extremely tough situation. Cheers all around!!


Where’s homebase? Chicago, IL

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I will attempt to answer this rhetorically vague question without articulating a passage observed on trivial dating websites……..

Plainly speaking, I possess an old soul with the stamina to appreciate a late night.

By trade, I am a licensed CPA in the state of Illinois and am currently employed at a large public accounting firm. This past winter I took a short leave from my career and graduated from United States Marine Corps Officer Candidates School in Quantico, VA; greatest accomplishment of my existence thus far.

I was fortunate enough to be raised in an almost imaginative suburb on the southwest side of Chicago, but an environment I proudly call home. While my body and mind resides in the Midwest, a past life left my heart in the South.

For enjoyment and competitive purposes, I play the highland bagpipes with the Chicago Stock Yard Kilty Band and have continued this tradition since I was fourteen; I successfully developed a rather grotesque sense of humor on behalf of several members within the organization.

Without constantly displaying it on social media, I have a profound passion for CrossFit and have been training at an affiliate for roughly three years. I hold a strong belief that men and women today can still achieve the “Renaissance Man” title, and thoroughly apply my efforts towards being well accomplished within the fields of art, literature, fitness, and education.

What’s your favorite shirt? The entire Leeward collection.

Pick three letters: A, M, F

Describe yourself with those three letters: Ability to speak some Spanish; Michael is my middle name; Foxtrot all day.

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main? Buchanan Plaid

What is your twitter and/or Instagram handle? I’ll let the infamous words of Sweet Brown sum this up for me: “Ain’t nobody got time for that”.

It's going to be a busy month! The Mizzen+Main wholesale team is hitting the road in August. We will be at tradeshows from east coast to west coast. If you're interested in becoming one of our stockists or want to learn more, set up your appointment now by emailing Kristin Smith
If you're already a main man, make sure your favorite menswear stores in your area know about us! Also enter to win $50 to Mizzen+Main by visiting our instagram and following the entry instructions!

Where’s homebase?

New York City

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Owner/builder of NYC real estate with a wonderful family and passion for athletics (30+ years of triathlon, skiing and more); art collection of scenes of New York City, Broadway theater Tony voter and philanthropy (health, education and faith).

What’s your favorite shirt?

Blackman 2.0 White Dress Shirt and Whitman Light Blue Gingham Dress Shirt

Pick three letters:

H, A, I

Describe yourself with those letters:

Happy with friends and family.

Active in athletics, arts and theater. 

Involved in work and philanthropy. 

What pattern or garment would you most like to see from Mizzen+Main?

Shirts with pockets please.  I bought 13 of each of my 4 favorite shirts and had a tailor add pockets using material from the 13th shirts.

What is your twitter and/or instagram handle?

HirschfeldNYC.com, HirschfeldArt.com, HirschfeldFoundations.com, HirschfeldProductions.com, HirschfeldSport.com


Professional athlete, father of two, and long-time brand enthusiast Jason Khalipa joins our Mizzen+Main family as an official supporter.  Khalipa is the founder and owner of NorCal Crossfit, the largest CrossFit training provider to corporate clients.

"Mizzen+Main is the perfect shirt for me. It fits an athletic build, breathes well, and doesn't need to be ironed when I travel. It's the shirt I've been looking for for years but couldn't find." - Jason Khalipa

Designing a shirt for athletic professionals like Jason was one of the primary reasons Mizzen+Main was founded. The way that Jason and the broader athletic community, from professional athlete to weekend warrior, have embraced our brand is extremely humbling and further inspiration to continue to revolutionize men’s apparel.

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